Work with us!

career We are not looking for just teachers, but for inspirers — those who can join us to raise a Godly generation. We handpick our teachers and they attend weekly training sessions on education tools and methodology, to ensure a continuous process of self-development and improvement. You can grow with us.

If you are the person who has a heart for children and a passion to impart knowledge in a way that inspires and encourages thought-based education, then we would like you to hear from you.
Send your resume to for the available positions:

  • Kindergarten Teacher : We are looking for those who can fluently communicate in English, enjoy having fun with children and are creative in their approach with the basics. A musical bend would be a great advantage.
  • Primary Level Subjects (Years 1 to 5) : We are looking for teachers skilled in English, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Hindi and Art & Craft.
  • Junior Level (Years 6 to 8) : We are looking for teachers skilled in English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, History and Geography.
  • Senior Level (Years 9 to 12 -IGCSE, A-Levels) : We are looking for teachers skilled in English, Physics, Biology, Geography, Environment Management, Accountancy and Business Management.

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    • To send application by postal mail: type data into the form, print it out and then post it to us.
    • To send application by email: Save (‘Save As’) the form to your computer, type data in the form and then mail the completed form to You may need to download PDF-Exchange Viewer for this purpose.