Kindergarten (Play Class to Upper Kindergarten)

Letterland -- Child Friendly Phonics It should always be fun to learn therefore our curriculum promotes a love for learning. The Kindergarten section begins from Play Class to Upper Kindergarten Level, for children aged 2 years 9 months to 5 years 6 months. It covers three full academic years.

The principles of our Kindergarten are to promote the following:

  • Holistic development
  • Integrated learning
  • Active learning
  • Supportive learning
  • Learning through interaction
  • Learning through play

Every child has a spark, and it is our essential duty to kindle that spark in all our children through love, care and encouragement. Early childhood years have a great influence on how a child thinks and behaves. Therefore the degree of stimulation, right guidance and nurturing determines whether a child becomes self-motivated and confident.

Our classrooms are a nurturing, multisensory environment that supports learning. Teachers provide instruction in Phonics, Reading and Writing skills, Social Studies, Math, Science and Communication. We use Letterland, an internationally-acclaimed phonic system, to teach English from the Lower Kindergarten level. Through child-friendly activities, we also hope to develop our children in auxiliary areas of art, music and physical development.

We carry out continuous formative assessments on a weekly basis to help teachers and parents know the progress of each child in the various areas of assessment.

On completion of Kindergarten curriculum, our hope is that our children should know:

  • What is right from wrong
  • Be willing to share and take turns with others
  • Be willing to relate to others
  • Be curious and able to explore
  • Be able to listen and speak with understanding
  • Develop physical coordination and healthy habits
  • To learn with understanding