About Us



The home school that started at Elizabeth and Jacob K. Mathai’s residence in 1998, with the goal to provide quality pre-school education for their son Joel and niece Sara Abraham, was the stage for the genesis of ‘The King’s School’.

Elizabeth used the internationally acclaimed phonic system called Letterland to teach these first students and was excited with the rapid progress. Learning became fun and rewarding for the children as well as the parents.

Following their remarkable progress, many parents began to request admission for their own children. Out of passion to see a child develop and excel, ’The King’s Kindergarten’ was birthed in June 1999.

Receiving a clear vision from the Lord along with a growing need from parents, the year 2003 saw the school management expand and develop the kindergarten into a full-fledged school. In June 2003, years 1 and 3 started simultaneously at the very spacious premises in Bethany, Town Limit – Kollam. The school was registered under the ‘The King’s Educational Trust’ in 2003.

Today, The King’s School has grown from a 2 student organisation to become a distinguished higher secondary school with over 800 students and over 110 staff, inclusive of teachers, support staff and administration.

The King’s school is affiliated to the Cambridge University and has become a Cambridge International Centre with the registration code IN812.

Guiding Principles

Girl Praying

  • To be a witness of the transforming life of Jesus by raising an institution that trains up children to be godly citizens who are equipped to be catalysts of change in society and the world at large.
  • To raise Godly standards in teaching combined with excellence in skills that will equip students adequately.
  • To build up an administration that fulfills the vision.
  • To be a witness corporately, according to the Biblical model of servanthood as exemplified in Jesus.
  • To raise up a generation of world changers by value based, challenging and reflective education, equipping them to excel in their various fields of study and vocation.

  • Christ-Centered : A school that strives to be Christ-centered in all aspects of the learning environment, through word and deed.
  • Biblical World View A school that teaches and leads through presenting a curriculum that agrees with biblical truths, being a witness of the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
  • Glorify God : A school that glorifies God in all activities and relationships as well as in the use of resources God has given us.

Our motto is ‘HIS GLORY, OUR DESIRE’ — our faith in God is woven into the fabric of all that happens at The King’s School.

Goals for Our Children

  • Excellence & Achievement : Excellence honours God and inspires people. We want continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence to underlie all that we do academically, creatively, and physically. It is our goal to help every student to achieve their highest potential.
  • Character and Citizenship : In this post-modern period of relativism, we want to impart to each student, Godly standards that will help them differentiate right from wrong — raising a generation of citizens who will be a blessing to their country and the world.
  • Future Leadership : We want to equip our students with the mental, physical, social and spiritual competencies necessary to be good stewards of their God-given talents.

Goals for Our Staff

  • Outstanding Leadership : We want to build a team of teachers, administrative and support staff who pursue excellence in every area of school life and thus fulfil the vision of the school.
  • Institutional Accountability : Good stewardship of all the resources entrusted to us and accountability to the Board of Trustees, Board of Management, Government, and to accrediting organisations.
  • Social Outreach : As a charitable trust, we desire to reach out to schools in rural areas and help people who deliver education in a holistic way.