The King’s Educational Trust

The King’s School is under the umbrella of The King’s Educational Trust (Registered), floated by the original visionaries of this dream. The Trustees are the legal custodians and owners of the school. They are accountable and responsible for the school, legally and governmentally.

The Trust members are:

Mr. Jacob K. Mathai

Mrs. Elizabeth Jacob
Principal and Trustee

Mr. Vinod Joseph
Treasurer and Trustee

Mr. George Ebenezer Vincent

Mr. Shubin John Enos
Business Manager and Trustee

School Management Committee

The Board of Management comes under The King’s Educational Trust for the management of the school and takes all relevant decisions regarding the running of the school. It consists of representative members of the Trust and other qualified and competent individuals.

The members of the School Management Committee (SMC) are:

Mrs. Elizabeth Jacob

Mr. Jacob K. Mathai

Dr. Sujith Mathews John

Mr. Ebey K. Joseph

Mrs. Tessy Franklin

Mrs. Shereen Sunil

You have our heartfelt thanks.

The King’s School has a history of good governance, entrusting it’s performance and growth to like minded individuals who have served with passion and wisdom. We are so grateful to many of these founding board members.

Late Prof. Teressa Geevarghese


Ms. Susanna Abraham
Dr. A. Cheriyan Geevarghese
Dr. Sujith Mathews John
Mr. Philip John
Mr. Arun Philip
Mr. Nigel Hughes
Dr. Cheri Cherian

In addition to the above, we are grateful for the support received from friends at The Church of the Living God, The Church of the Living God Trust (U.K.), Christeigemeinde Trier (Germany) and Word of Grace Fellowship (USA), who have amazingly stood with us and continues to do so.

Our special thanks also goes to friends and family members who have laboured and helped us carry the vision forward. Thank you all for everything.